Entier Happy Eid Gourmet Box

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A special time for good wishes and blessings. Specially designed for this festival of giving, Entier’s Happy Eid Gourmet Box features delectable treats to impress and delight.


Each Happy Eid Gourmet Box contains :


  • Trigona Honey (120g jar)
  • Chitose Strawberry Jam (80g jar)
  • Entier Kombu Butter (80g jar)
  • Choice of Artisanal Butter (80g jar)
  • Arabian Dates with Almond (120g pack / 10 sachets)

  • Dried Fruit & Nut Trail Mix (180g pack)

  • Freshly-baked Corn Bread
  • Season’s Greeting Card


Trigona Honey (120g jar)

Much runnier in its viscosity, the Trigona Honey produced by non-stinging kelutlut honey bees is known to contain the highest anti-oxidants. It has a distinctively reddish hue and sweet sour taste. Perfect to blend with in beverage, or on its own for wellness. Specially produced in a small batch for Entier by BODEN farm in Negeri Sembilan.



Chitose Strawberry Jam (80g jar)

Japanese Chitose Ichigo strawberry finds its home on Cameron Highlands; its fruits are plump, juicy and gourmet. Made with no preservatives, this is a lovely spread on toast, and complements best with Entier Kombu Butter.



Entier Kombu Butter (80g jar)

The famed signature butter of Entier in a jar.



Choice of Artisanal Butter (80g jar)

Created on the same foundation as the famed Entier Kombu Butter, Chef Masashi releases a limited production collection of Artisanal Butter, hand-crafted with luxurious flavours and ingredients.

Varieties available:

Signature Kombu Butter, Chitose Strawberry Butter, Honey Mustard Butter, Bonito Butter, Dried Fruit & Nut Butter, Uni Butter (+RM28)



Arabian Dates with Almond (120g pack / 10 sachets)

Made from Arabian Khudri dates, this treat is a soft, chewy morsel wrapped around a crunchy roasted almond core for a blend of nuttiness and caramel richness. Specially-produced for Entier, each date is individually packed for quality and freshness. Created naturally with no artificial additives.



Dried Fruit & Nut Trail Mix (180g pack)

Freshly roasted locally with a perfect mix of cashew, almond, sunflower seed, walnut, and pecan, with dried cranberry and raisin. Created naturally with no artificial additives.



Freshly-baked Corn Bread

Best eaten fresh. To re-heat, please follow guide below:


Pre-heat oven to 160c.

Frozen bread - 8 mins in oven 

Chilled bread - 6 mins in oven 

Room-temp bread - 4 mins in oven


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